Click on the image above to visit our new group called Luton4u, or CLICK HERE
Luton4u will be a place where you will be free to express your views, No Discrimination
against anyone regardless of your race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity
On the group below you are silenced and maybe banned if your views do not match the admins.
We are still under construction, more information will be added to this website shortly.

Have you seen the below group "Luton, Keeping Safe" on facebook? If so it has to be the most
racist and discriminating group i have ever known, by the looks of it, the majority of the Admin
are Muslims, though I do not have any problems against Muslims (90% of my friends are),
the Admin on this group seem racist and tend to discriminate against people posting anything
against their views, if your lucky it will just get deleted, try again and you will get banned and
blocked from seeing their group. This group is supposed to be a community group for the people
of Luton, and its supposed to be official! What does that mean? it has approval from the
Government or the Council?